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Meet Your Local Fairfax Chiropractor

Dr. Taschler adjusting patient's neck

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to visit our chiropractic clinic in Fairfax.

Chiropractic may have been recommended to you by a friend or family member, a doctor may have prescribed a course of our treatments to help alleviate your pain, or you may simply need our advice because you feel as though your health isn’t in tip-top condition.

Whatever your reason for looking us up, we can’t wait to offer you the pain-free, drug-free, and natural solution your health deserves.

Ready to find out more?

What Can You Expect When You Visit Our Chiropractors?

With over 20 years of combined experience, our chiropractors are able to combat a wide variety of conditions, from pain in your back or neck to headaches and sciatica.

However, chiropractic techniques date back much further than this.

For hundreds of years, chiropractic has been used to treat subluxations.

Subluxations are problematic misalignments that occur in your spine, often causing ongoing pain and discomfort. However, you may be completely unaware that you have a subluxation – but your body may be suffering because of it.


All of the integral parts of your body, from your organs to your individual cells, are reliant on signals that travel through your nerves from your brain. Many of these nerves travel through the spinal column. Therefore, a subluxation has the potential to hamper this important communication system, disrupting the messages that are sent through your nerves.

By allowing our doctors of chiropractic to pinpoint these subluxations, we can treat them. This will remove any pain while also significantly improving your well-being.

The Proof’s in the Science

Numerous studies also back up what chiropractors have known for years.

For example, in one research project, it was found that patients notice a multitude of benefits, such as improved breathing, better circulation, and aided digestion – even if they didn’t know they had a subluxation before they underwent the treatment.

Enjoy Better Physical and Mental Health

Your spine is imperative to your body’s day-to-day functions, which is why a subluxation has the potential to wreak havoc on all areas of your body.

By booking an appointment with us, you can ensure your body’s running at its optimum level while also taking peace of mind that you’re taking a natural, drug-free approach to your health.

Live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle with our chiropractic treatments. Simply book your appointment with us today by calling us at 703-293-2939.