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Where to Go in Fairfax After You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on September 16, 2021

Auto Injury Treatment“I’ve got to get to Taschler Spine & Rehab” is the first thought that should cross your mind once the dust has settled after a car accident. No accident is too small to bother getting checked out. We want you to come see us in our Fairfax clinic as soon as safely possible since time is a huge factor in recovery from auto injury.

Chiropractic Care and Auto Injury

There are countless studies, including this one, that show you’ll need more medical care if you wait to seek treatment for injury. Considering how much force can be generated by the multi-ton weight of a car, it’s easy for injuries to get worse over time. Our highly experienced chiropractors will perform a thorough evaluation to get to the root of your injuries and help spot ones your body might be hiding. 

Auto accident injuries can hide from you for multiple reasons. For one, the human brain can process only so many injuries at once. As pain reduces in one area, it can crop up in another that seemed fine this whole time. Another major reason is that a small misalignment or complaint can get worse over time as your body compensates to work around the injury site. Sore spots can throw your whole body off balance as it spends day after day trying to avoid moving in ways that cause pain.

The most common auto accident injuries occur in the head,  neck, and spine. Our chiropractors know what kind of damage auto accidents can cause, making our care crucial to protecting your long term health. We’ll work to get your body back in balance to prevent future pain and protect you from developing chronic conditions. We’ll also aid your body’s natural healing process and rehabilitative care so you can get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Get Auto Accident Treatment in Fairfax

Dr. Taschler’s philosophy is to care for patients using a combination of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and massage therapy. This not only eliminates symptoms it improves the overall function of the body. She educates and empowers patients to improve the quality of their lives. 

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