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Top Chiropractic Alternatives to Pain Medication

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on November 9, 2018

Our nation is in the middle of a crisis over the misuse of opioid painkillers. 

With more than 130 people dying every day due to opioid addiction, finding natural pain alternatives is critical when treating acute — and especially chronic — pain.

Chiropractic Offers Pain Relief Alternatives

Fortunately, your chiropractor can offer several alternatives to prescription pain medicine that can bring you safe and effective natural pain relief. 

Let’s explore just a few of the possibilities.


Chiropractic care has a proven record of effectiveness in the management of chronic neck and back pain. 

Chiropractors perform a whole-patient health assessment, including a mechanical assessment of the neck and spine, along with diagnostic tests, if needed.

An individualized care plan is then created that normally includes spinal manipulation — the gentle, effective technique that chiropractic care is known for.

Care plans can also include any — or all — of the other treatments explored in this article. 

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is used by chiropractors to help their patients manage — or resolve — pain originating from herniated spinal discs.

An FDA-approved table is used to manipulate the lower spine while the upper body remains stable. This helps to increase vertebral disc height for healing and pain relief.

Research has shown that using spinal decompression can reduce pain by allowing healing as discs decompress and move back into position.


Massage has been proven to help manage — and reduce — both chronic and acute pain. Along with pain relief, massage has many other benefits including lowering blood pressure, contributing to stress relief, and improving immune function.

Therapeutic Exercise

According to recent research, physical therapy appears to be a cost-effective, drug-free way to manage both acute and chronic pain.

Continuing therapy provides high quality of life and people who participate show decreased dependence on medication for managing pain.

Try Chiropractic to Manage Your Pain in Fairfax

If you are living in pain in the Fairfax area, please come to Taschler Spine and Rehab.

Dr. Taschler has over 20 years of experience helping patients just like you to manage — and even eliminate — their chronic pain.

With many treatment options to choose from, you’ll be certain to find the safe, effective, and drug-free option that will help relieve your pain.

Call (703) 293-2939 today for an appointment to take the first step toward a pain-free life.

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