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Here's Why You Should Visit Your Local Chiropractor for Low Back Pain Treatment

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on April 30, 2018

From spending all day doing housework to moving things around at work, you’re constantly at risk of triggering pain in your lower back. 

In fact, low back pain is something 8 out of 10 adults will suffer from during their lifetime. This pain may be acute, growing gradually over time, or it may come on suddenly and sharply, incapacitating them for days on end. 

If this is you – you needn’t suffer in silence. 

There’s a helpful, drug-free, non-invasive treatment available, right on your doorstep – chiropractic care in Fairfax.

What’s Causing Your Low Back Pain? 

From being pregnant to gaining weight, there are a number of lifestyle factors that can lead to the onset of, or contribute toward, lower back pain. But one of the leading causes of this type of pain is heavy pushing, pulling, or lifting – particularly if you do this without the right protection or technique. 

Lifting things incorrectly immediately puts your lower back muscles under undue pressure, and if this proves too much for them, it can lead to excruciating injuries. Muscle strain is highly probable, which is where you develop small tears in your muscles, making it difficult and very painful for you to move the injured area. 

What’s more, an incorrect lifting position can result in disc injuries, including ruptured and bulging discs.

Not sure how you should be lifting things?

Always try to keep your knees and shoulders in line, bending from the hips so you can keep your back straight and chest forward. Never twist your back and always lift the item close to your body so you’re well balanced. 

What Does Low Back Pain Treatment at Your Chiropractors Involve?

Spinal manipulation, which is an age-old technique favored by chiropractors, is hugely beneficial as a low back pain treatment.

In fact, many experts recommend it as a safe and effective way of treating low back pain without the need for drugs. It works to stimulate, adjust, mobilize, and massage the spine and the muscles and tissues surrounding it. 

When carried out regularly, spinal manipulation helps those whose back pain has ruled their life begin to lead a normal life again. And when compared to those who are receiving medical care, they can return to their day-to-day activities quicker. 

To find out more about how our low back pain treatment can help you, call our team on 703-293-2939 today.

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