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5 Surprising Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on October 10, 2018

More and more people are turning to massage therapy to relieve stress, manage pain, and take advantage of a health-promoting modality that’s noninvasive, safe, effective. It is the perfect complement to chiropractic treatments. It not only helps you hold your adjustments longer but enables the doctor to give you a better adjustment.

What many people aren’t aware of, however, are the many little-known benefits of massage. Let’s explore five of the most interesting.

5 Benefits to Getting That Massage

Getting a massage is relaxing and indulgent, but did you know it has many health benefits as well?

1. It Can Reduce Chronic Pain

Over 60 high-quality studies confirmed that regular massage therapy promotes a reduction in pain, improved function, and improved quality of life for the people that received them.

This is great news, since massage is noninvasive and safe — making it a great natural alternative to pain management methods that include prescription medicine or invasive therapies.

2. It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

You knew it was relaxing, but massage therapy actually works to lower your blood pressure. 

One study showed that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure was lower in a group that received massage therapy versus the control group.

3. It Can Help with PMS

If you’re a woman, you’ve most likely experienced the bloating, fatigue, and irritability symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome more than once. 

The good news is studies prove that massage is a great way to decrease the pain, water retention, and low mood associated with this monthly syndrome.

4. It Can Treat Headaches and Migraines

People who suffer from chronic tension headaches will be interested to know that massage therapy can be a great way to reduce the number and severity of these headaches over time.

For migraine sufferers, massage improved sleep quality, reduced the number of migraines, and increased their ability to cope during migraine onset.

5. It Can Help Your Immune System

Massage therapy — even a single session — has been found to have measurable biologic effects such as lowering inflammation and increasing pituitary, adrenal, and immune function. 

And, it’s much safer than your standard cold medicine!

Try Massage Therapy for Your Health in Fairfax

If you want to experience the relaxation and health-giving benefits of medical massage therapy, you simply must visit Taschler Spine and Rehab.

Dr. Taschler has two highly experienced massage therapists on staff to help you reduce pain, increase health, and just relax.

Call (703) 293-2939 today to treat yourself to the stress and pain relief that a medical massage can offer.

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