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Category: Whiplash Treatment

5 Signs You May Have Whiplash After a Car Accident

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on March 22, 2022

Car accidents can be extremely frightening, and it can be difficult to know if you have been injured until later. Conditions like whiplash can present themselves days after the initial accident, which may prevent you from visiting your chiropractor at... Read More

Where to Go in Fairfax After You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on September 16, 2021

“I’ve got to get to Taschler Spine & Rehab” is the first thought that should cross your mind once the dust has settled after a car accident. No accident is too small to bother getting checked out. We want you... Read More

Do You Need Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment?

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on February 4, 2021

Whether the damage is severe or minor, car accidents are often unforgettable experiences. People are often shaken, fearful, and experience a foggy memory leaving the scene of an accident. In fact, many victims don’t realize they’re injured for days after... Read More

Whiplash Treatment: Why You May Need It Right Now

Written By Taschler Spine & Rehab on April 8, 2019

Whiplash. It’s something you get when you’ve been involved in a car accident, but it tends to ease off on its own. Right? Wrong! Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that their whiplash is something they can “walk off.” But almost half of all... Read More

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